Cycle Calendar Generator - Making school calendars easy

Cycle Calendar Generator is a command line application designed to take schedule data for n-day cycles and produce iCal files, ready to import into the calendar software of your choice.

Is your school on a 6-day cycle? 7-day? Cycle Calendar Generator can make iCal files for all your teachers or students!


Assuming you have Python 3.6+ installed, use pip3 <>.

$ pip3 install cycle_calendar_generator

Set up your schedule data Excel files as shown in the Examples. Put them all in one folder, and run Cycle Calendar Generator from the command line/Terminal.:

$ cycle_calendar_generator path/to/excel/files

If you’re running the Generator from that folder, no folder input is needed!

$ cycle_calendar_generator

Find your iCal files in the /output folder (i.e. path/to/excel/files/output)